HOWTO: Checking options installed within the Database/Oracle Home

1)From Oracle Universal Installer: In OUI select installed products and click on list and expand, you will see a list of options installed in database.

You have to use OUI to check whether Oracle Secure Enterprise Search is installed or not.

TIP: Start Oracle Universal Installer from your system prompt (UNIX) with the following command:


2)From v$option:

SQL> set pages 100

SQL> select * from v$option;

PARAMETER                                                        VALUE

—————————————————————- —–

Partitioning                                                     TRUE

Objects                                                          TRUE

Real Application Clusters                                        FALSE

Advanced replication                                             TRUE

Bit-mapped indexes                                               TRUE

Connection multiplexing                                          TRUE

Connection pooling                                               TRUE

Database queuing                                                 TRUE

Incremental backup and recovery                                  TRUE

Instead-of triggers                                              TRUE

Parallel backup and recovery                                     TRUE

Parallel execution                                               TRUE

Parallel load                                                    TRUE

Point-in-time tablespace recovery                                TRUE

Fine-grained access control                                      TRUE

Proxy authentication/authorization                               TRUE

Change Data Capture                                              TRUE

Plan Stability                                                   TRUE

Online Index Build                                               TRUE

Coalesce Index                                                   TRUE

Managed Standby                                                  TRUE

Materialized view rewrite                                        TRUE

Materialized view warehouse refresh                              TRUE

Database resource manager                                        TRUE

Spatial                                                          TRUE

Visual Information Retrieval                                     TRUE

Export transportable tablespaces                                 TRUE

Transparent Application Failover                                 TRUE

Fast-Start Fault Recovery                                        TRUE

Sample Scan                                                      TRUE

Duplexed backups                                                 TRUE

Java                                                             TRUE

OLAP Window Functions                                            TRUE

Block Media Recovery                                             TRUE

Fine-grained Auditing                                            TRUE

Application Role                                                 TRUE

Enterprise User Security                                         TRUE

Oracle Data Guard                                                TRUE

Oracle Label Security                                            FALSE

OLAP                                                             TRUE

Table compression                                                TRUE

Join index                                                       TRUE

Trial Recovery                                                   TRUE

Data Mining                                                      TRUE

Online Redefinition                                              TRUE

Streams Capture                                                  TRUE

File Mapping                                                     TRUE

Block Change Tracking                                            TRUE

Flashback Table                                                  TRUE

Flashback Database                                               TRUE

Data Mining Scoring Engine                                       FALSE

Transparent Data Encryption                                      TRUE

Backup Encryption                                                TRUE

Unused Block Compression                                         TRUE

54 rows selected.

TRUE mean we can use that option and FALSE mean we can’t.


SQL> select comp_name, status from dba_registry;

COMP_NAME                                                              STATUS
---------------------------------------------------------------------- -----------
Oracle Database Catalog Views                                          VALID
Oracle Database Packages and Types                                     VALID
Oracle Workspace Manager                                               VALID
JServer JAVA Virtual Machine                                           VALID
Oracle XDK                                                             VALID
Oracle Database Java Packages                                          VALID
Oracle Expression Filter                                               VALID
Oracle Data Mining                                                     VALID
Oracle Text                                                            VALID
Oracle XML Database                                                    VALID
Oracle Rules Manager                                                   VALID
Oracle interMedia                                                      VALID
OLAP Analytic Workspace                                                VALID
Oracle OLAP API                                                        VALID
OLAP Catalog                                                           VALID
Spatial                                                                VALID
Oracle Enterprise Manager                                              VALID

17 rows selected.

Database queuing
This Integrates a message queue system with the database.

In the table DBA_REGISTRY the status may be,

1)INVALID : Some problem in it.

2) VALID: Working properly

3) LOADING:The component is loading.

4) LOADED: The component just loaded.

5) UPGRADING:The component is in a process of upgrade.

6) UPGRADED:The component has been upgrade.

7) DOWNGRADING:The component is in a process of downgrade.

8) DOWNGRADED:The component has been downgraded.

9) REMOVING:Someone is uninstalling the component.

10)REMOVED:The component has been unistalled.

That’s all!